Thing 13 “Conference from the comfort of home”

Going to a conference has always taken time to plan, pay and attend. With web 2.0 tools one can attend a conference from any comfort one desires. I have gone into the K12 Online conference 2009 and picked up a few gems.

2009 “Bridging the Divide” has given me a few delights. For example “Leading the Change” talks about practicing tools to increase our example of life long learners. did you ever hear abut connecting with your classroom?

2008 21st Century Requires – engage students, focus on knowledge, and help students develop learning dispositions.  October 21st “I like Delicious …” – we experienced flickr and the use of tags. In this presentation we are taken a little further and experience the use of tags in the application delici0us. Do you know what is a tag cloud? click on I like Delicious … and find out. It’s worth it.

This was a worthwhile task. Thanks

One thought on “Thing 13 “Conference from the comfort of home”

  1. My biggest challenge with online conferences is devoting the time to attend. With a conference I have to travel to (and plan and pay for), at least I dedicate the time I am there to the conference completely and don’t try to also work a full day, take the kids to school and their activities, make dinner, etc. etc. Another nice thing about an online conference is the archives, as you have described.


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